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Where does the good go?

I'm sat in my new kitchen. I've got everything I've wanted for the last nearly three years so why don't I feel happier? I saw my psychologist on Monday and she said she could have predicted this (always nice to be super predictable). I've put so much emphasis on moving house making me happy but… Continue reading Where does the good go?

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We’ve made it!

Just a quick update this weekend to say that we have moved in. Finally! Two and a half years since I split up from my ex I am finally rid of him. I feel a huge sense of relief. And a huge lot of sorting now needs to be done! Photo is baby boy looking… Continue reading We’ve made it!

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The incompetencies of others.

I've been back to work full time this week and my parents have been away so baby bum has spent some time with his godmothers. He's had lots of fun and been properly wiped out every evening. He had the best night sleep of his life so far this week, going through from 7pm until… Continue reading The incompetencies of others.

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Long time no speak

So it's been a really long time since I've sat down to write. I really should make time for it because I find it really cathartic but I suppose things have been tricky and I've not wanted to share it all. So let's just fast forward to the here and now. I'm back at work.… Continue reading Long time no speak

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28 minutes later

*Warning - birth story* So there's a reason why the title of this blog sounds like a sequel in a zombie apocalypse movie series. Firstly, I feel I'd rather be in a zombie apocalypse than experience that scenario again. And secondly, this was the length of my labour. I've had so many people say, 'Wow… Continue reading 28 minutes later

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On the up…

So I've been diagnosed with glandular fever which at least explains why I've been feeling so tired and physically drained. But actually knowing what it is has made me feel more positive and I've allowed myself time to rest. I've not been beating myself up about being whingy and moaning because I feel justified that… Continue reading On the up…